• Enjoy a Hot breakfast at morning
  • Complimentary hot breakfast with fresh coffee, fruit, and cereals
  • Stimulating Exercise Area
  • Refreshing Indoor Heated Pool

Hotel Amenities at Holiday Inn Express & Suites Newport, Oregon Hotel


Amenities that enhance your stay with us include our free breakfast bar, our well-regarded indoor heated pool and our excellent fitness center. You may consider our low rates our best amenity.


Also important to the quality your stay at our hotel is the quality of the service we provide to guests like you. You see, we genuinely want to provide you a good guest experience, so our commitment to service begins with the hiring process. We choose the very best candidates, then train them carefully to our higher-than-average standards. Then, we empower each employee with decision-making capabilities and support them with strong, proactive management.


Business Services

Health and Fitness Center (On-site)

Standard Internet Service

Activities and Services for Children

Housekeeping and Laundry Services